Plastic trash is a major problem across the county. It is either buried in dumps, winds up in the ocean, or gets burned in small fires. The results are scary:
plastic in our food and in our bodies
Its many chemicals are being found in our air, soil & food. It's been found in water - bottled & tap, beer, seafood, salt, even mother's milk.
plastic chemicals pose grave health risks
They are linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, reproductive issues, diabetes, birth defects, obesity, brain damage and autism.


Most plastic is disposable, single use and thrown away in minutes or less. A lot is burned up. But there is no away and what goes up comes down and back to hurt us, New York a few more, Europe a few more after that. South America and Africa too. Japan? A day or less. From the air, it falls upon the dairy farms of California that provide America 1/3 of its milk & the world lots of wine, fruit & vegetables. In the sea, it breaks apart in pieces so small plankton eat it. Fish do too, or eat the plankton that eat it. Plastic sponges surrounding pollutants, multiplying in toxicity, and builds up in the flesh & organs of seafood, especially tuna, which millions of kids eat everyday, most of it from Asia. It is killing corals and plankton. Plankton provide most of the oxygen we breathe and absorb most of the carbon our life today releases into the air.

when you do the math and connect the dots, one things i clear. we must do all we can. Now.


We’ve learned. A lot. Particularly about the Philippines, impact, children here, and pollution.

Especially plastic. What can be done and how to do it. Most of all, the absolute imperatives.

We’ve spent the last few years focusing on plastics and pollution. What we learned was so compelling and little known that we have begun developing resources to share. Because we realized that few people anywhere have fully connected the dots about the growing dangers.

So we’re producing a video series for kids, their families, schools and communities called

Connect the Dots. Our goal is to develop it into a gamified mobile app and school course.

We learned a lot about little known or reported consequences. About interconnectedness.

That when it comes to the Earth, the environment, human choices & actions — small & large, and the consequences, ultimately everything is local. And tragically quite karmic.

Most of all, we learned about our youth. How capable and cool they are. How eager to act when they find out the depth and magnitude of the many great dangers threatening them.

We’ll be producing video series and other materials about a variety of issues. You can learn more from the links below and keep up to date, signing up for the latest releases.

Keeping up to date is important because so many of the findings critical to protecting our health and the health of the environment are fairly new, little known, evolving and growing.

Please connect with us & help spread word

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