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What’s most important to us is what’s most important to you. Tell us:

Start simple -- Mobile Volunteering:

There’s a lot anyone can do whatever your age or wherever you are.
We present a lot below. But let’s start out with what’s easy yet vital.
We’re building a global team to do the micro to remake the macro.

The generation somehow called Z by someone not part of it has
a larger population than any generation before. Every brand must
befriend today’s youth just to survive. It’s just simple economics.
And power. If it’s realized and mobilized properly. Thankfully, it’s
started & having an impact in the West. Yet it is minimal in Asia.
That’s a big opportunity & an urgent need. We’re on it. Want in?

Cooperation has been, is and will be the critical challenge.
Finding common ground and win-win opportunities will not
be easy. It’s what we must look for and create. Bayanihan
is about building teams & coming together, sharing talent
and resources. Our leadership knows how to access CEOs
& media. Influential celebrities and athletes. Want to help?

Help us get creative & ignite an online media movement

We’re just getting started on social media. Do you have skills? Or would you like to develop them? Our goal is big: build a truly global team that launches and grows a global online movement that helps put the talent and funding in place to grow and sustain our impact for generations. Join us!

Hollywood loves hockey

It may not be widely known, but the world of hockey lovers is an amazing world.
Some of the world’s most influential and successful people love to play, & do a lot.

The passion for the game often begins young.
And never ends. Just ask Justin. He can wheel.

Mission Impossible? No. The game inspires love.

Far more stars are fans than can play, like Tom Cruise, David Beckham & Carrie Underwood.
But Michael Buble likes to lace ‘em up. Help us let the world of celebrity know about what we
are doing, what more can be done, how they might help & how together we can be bayani.

No matter how you play, hockey is royal fun.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page play on wheels in the Google parking lot, Bill Ford and
Chris Illitch in high school & on the pond. Jerry Bruckheimer hosts celebrity games.

We have a list of corporate titans who’ve played the game.
Help us get them to help us grow it green & historic big.

We’re also launching campaigns to engage current pro players & legends of the game.

We have the power the move & change the world at
our fingertips. Never before has it been more up to us.

Join the Fun, Make Friends & Be a Hero

Helping Build a Better World

You can help, no matter where you live or how busy you are. In ways large and small. Some take a few hours. Some seconds. Some require skills. Some funds or fundraising. All of them make a meaningful difference. You can help, no matter where you live or how busy you are. In ways large and small. Some take a few hours. Some seconds. Some require skills. Some funds or fundraising. All of them make a meaningful difference. Have other ideas how to help?  Our priority is to connect your passion and dreams with opportunities of empowerment and impact. We welcome your ideas.

Get in the Game!

We’ve partnering with  IT schools and organizations in the region. They’re helping guide us in a fun social media, digital outreach and movement building campaign to build a cool global community of bayanis. If you want to help, no matter where you are, we’re setting up mobile phone based micro-volunteering opportunities so you can have an impact even if you only have a moment or so to spare, on the commute to work, school or what or wherever. We’re  also offering schools in North America, Europe & any nation opportunities for their students to earn community service credit.

Fight the dangerous toxic e-waste epidemic

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing threats to the health of all & our planet.
While some people & organizations can afford to regularly upgrade IT — whether desktops,
phones, laptops or tablets, too many schools and communities in Asia cannot afford any.

Help us erase that gap while extending the life of limited natural resources that go into every electronic device, from rare metals & glass to petrochemical derived plastics & the fuel needed
to get them to you, in addition to the environmental pollution that is involved in the extraction
& the transport of raw materials and finished products, plus all the water used in the process.

Our goal is to provide schools in developing Asia badly needed hardware &
load it with empowering open-sourced software we call the Bayani Box OS.
We welcome you to donate what you don’t use any more.
Partner your school, company or organization with us.


dead batteries have life &
can power up communities.

We’re working with local partners to create jobs for a village of the disabled
building low-cost, low-emission, energy-efficient clay rocket stoves that use
low-cost thermo-electric generators & undamaged cells of dead computer
batteries to charge mobile phones & power lights and appliances, all while
saving people money, reducing toxic emissions & resuscitating e-waste.

Please connect with us & help spread word

Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York, USA.