Impact: The game-Changer & Difference-Maker.
The Vision, Mission, Opportunity & Challenge.

We’re working to deepen and widen our impact by building business enterprises
where positive impact is even more important than profit. Check out our first:

Wanna’ Rock the World? The wider one? Yours?

Creative Content & promotion are core. Connection.

We’re offering you that expertise, and as we do, we’re training the lesser privileged in the art & skills.
Our goal: to build the next generation media agency in a world where content and connection reign.

Need a new website? A re-design? Videos? Cool web campaign? TikTok? IG? FB? Youtube? LinkedIn?
Innovative outreach? Bayani Impact Media can do it all for you — maximum impact, economical cost.

Bayani Impact Media is a subsidiary of Bayani Enterprises and a joint-venture with Gawad Kalinga, an
evolutionary, award-winning non-profit dedicated to ending poverty by empowering the poor. Bayani
is an ancient word for hero. We chose it because multi-dimensional & profound impact is our goal.

B.I.M. uses cutting-edge equipment. At the same time, our complementary mission is to help fight a fast-growing, highly toxic and dangerous environmental problem threatening everyone everywhere:
e-waste. We rehabilitate donated surplus hardware, repairing & rebuilding units, loading them with
our custom package of industry competitive open-source software, the Bayani Box Operating System.
We use these for our B.I.M. Training Program and offer these to local schools in developing nations.