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Be bayani!

Thank you for having a heart to help!

We run lean & learned how to stretch a
penny or a peso for maximum impact.

If you’d like, you can choose what you’ll
fund from the options below or you can
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Or have a look:

Hockey Sticks

The Wand is the first of its kind, the first hockey stick not only made out of plastic waste, but the plastic the recycling industry sees as unable to be recycled at all: mixed soft plastic. Yet the real magic is what happens when kids play with it. Fun!

Recycling Machines

The Bayani Beast can crush & shred a bottle into bits in mere seconds. Ours can run on either small motors or bicycle power, perfect for Asian villages that don’t have electricity or a budget for it, which are too many. And it reduces volume 50X.

Rocket Stoves

We call ’em Bayani Burners. They fight cancer & climate chaos by cooking food or burning rubbish releasing minimal pollutants, save families money on fuel and even generate electricity! They’re low cost, and can make a perfect pizza, too.

School Desks

What most people call a school desk, we exalt as The Throne, the seat of learning for many kids who might not otherwise go to school. And each desk saves the wood of a three year old tree in a world where we must save them.

There are many ways to say Let's do it!

Plastic Molds

There’s so much we can make. Where we make our shredders from scrap metal, used bicycle and motorbike parts, the molds need precision machining. Fortunately, our partners figured out the alchemy required to make mixed soft plastic work wonders.

Rubbish Bins

A massive little recognized problem in the developing world is the striking and widespread lack of trash bins. It’s so bad, even the people who want to put their rubbish in recycle bins have nowhere to put it. The result: toxic trash litters cities & small villages.

sponsor a School

We can launch a school street hockey program on a comparative shoestring. We start with a dozen sticks, a tennis ball & a few sets of colored t-shirts. We play 4-on-4 games across the width of a basketball court. For our goal cages we’ve used coconut husks.

Sponsor a Child

For the cost of a movie ticket and popcorn we can fund a whole year of Bayani Hockey for one child and reduce your plastic footprint, your carbon footprint and footprint for so many dangerous toxins. And we reduce the risk of drug abuse & sexual abuse.

 The Greatest Challenge & Need:

Growing Leaders

Meet the real Rodel from our video series A Bayani is Born. He’s a true inspiration and
the reason we put the word bayani next to hockey. He’s never had anything near easy
yet is as selfless & as old-school iron as the Greats of the Game. He knows how to do
the most important thing: show up & try. He helped us return what had become a foul
trash dump into what it could be: a place where he and other kids could play hockey.
Bayani isn’t a hockey word. Hockey’s not a Filipino one. Yet. The marriage is our joy.
We invite donations to help us cover our operating costs. We also want to do what few
non-profits do, build an endowment, like the finest schools and museums. We have big
plans & are happy to share them, whether you rep a foundation or are just a noble soul.

Whatever you contribute, it’s the giving that grows the heart of the world. Merci! Grazi!
We like to reverse the role & mano po little kids.
Because they bless us, born with bayani hearts.
You’ve blessed us with your generosity & faith.

Daghang salamat po.
Thank you very much.

Please connect with us & help spread word.

Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York, USA.