BE BAYANI is a window, mirror, record and herald. A mantra, too. It’s about hailing, inspiring, guiding and empowering heroism so, our friends from The Marketing Heaven are helping us with a social media campaign to attract the attention of those who would like to get involved in this movement. Sure, we’ll report on what’s happening in the world of Bayani Hockey. We’ll also do our best to spotlight bayanihan heroism anywhere it’s happening or opportunities where it can if good-hearted people unite for the common good, in the way of the ancient word bayanihan.

Our particular passion is to spotlight and celebrate the unsung hero. In addition, we will present and
discuss some of the woes afflicting our world where people can be bayani and help have a positive
impact. Today, local has never been more global, and global never more local. We want to hear your stories and your thoughts. Because BE BAYANI is for all of us, everyone, everywhere, young or not.


We invite you to inform & inspire the global community we’re building. Because connection is power.
Never before have so many people across the world had the tools of empowerment we now have.

Let’s explore how we can use them with noble intentions to re-invent the world as we know it can be:

Better. A world of bayanis. We invite you to reach out to us today right here. Let’s be bayani together!

We’re building BE BAYANI with the help of students from Philippine Science High School, one of our partners and perhaps the most prestigious high school network in the country. BE BAYANI and all of our media are the maiden projects of a new media company we are creating all about impact.
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To read why we’ve posted a pic of kids with shovels and hockey sticks, and named our program Bayani Hockey, please click here. It’s a true story of true bayanis & what today’s youth can do.

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Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York, USA.