What is Bayani Hockey?

short version:

Bayani Hockey is about belief — in the rising generation — a generation unlike any before: with heroic possibilities.

The world may not know it, but our youth does. And they’re ready. To be Bayanis. Heroes. Many are realizing they must be. Soon.

To deal with problems decades in the making. Epochal problems. Like plastic pollution & what often underlies it: poverty and ignorance.

On the surface, Bayani Hockey is a non-profit sports program. In soul, we’re about growing heroes, across Asia & the world.

Inspiring heroes and empowering heroes. And helping them connect and achieve more. To be bayani, together.

But most of all, Bayani Hockey is about capital F-U-N fun, big fun & its many powers — to inspire, unite and mobilize people young and not so to help each other and themselves — to do things both little and large to make a big difference and move the world to a better place.

longer version:

Bayani Hockey is a multi-dimensional mission of five words — Fun, Unity, Impact & Friends. It’s a mission to:

— protect children at risk from poverty and its dangers: drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancy & human trafficking.

— protect the land, sea, air, wildlife and all people from plastic abuse and its many dangers.

— create jobs for the underprivileged and the impoverished.

— and do some historic stuff, have a lot of fun and make lots of friends in the process.

Bayani is an ancient word for hero, the heart of another ancient word, bayanihan: selflessly coming together to serve the common good — what the rising generation seems geared for, excited about and is doing more and more every day all over the world. That is:

Burning to make a difference. As friends. Uniting to make wrongs right.

We’re building Bayani Hockey for them & with them, to help kids & people everywhere.

We believe Bayani Hockey has a historic opportunity in Southeast Asia in two ways:

One, the game is new here. Two, we can make our core equipment, street hockey sticks, from plastic trash.

Believe it or not, no one’s done that before. Or grown the game of hockey widely here.

In the process, we can have multi-dimensional impact, from protecting kids, promoting health and cleaning communities to job creation, poverty alleviation and creating linkages to people and organizations in the developed world. Learn how here.

We’ve started in the Philippines, the third biggest source of plastic pollution in the world and the heart of a critically important coral region that is said to be the Amazon of the Oceans.

The nation has over 40 million children under 17, with many millions suffering poverty and the associated risks of not finishing school, drug abuse, crime and teen pregnancy. The nation also has a half million concrete basketball courts where street hockeycan be played.

The Philippines produces 6 billion pounds of plastic trash a year. Most winds up in the ocean, in the ground or in the air, dumped, buried or burned. Like its neighbors of Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the Philippines is overwhelmed. Plastic pollution is everywhere.

(Learn why and about the challenges and developments, positive & negative, here.)

There are a three reasons people and corporations of the United States, Canada, Japan, those of Europe and other developed countries should care, a lot. And help. Right away.

One, plastic pollution in the Philippines and Southeast Asia affects the rest of the world.

(Learn how and how much here. Learn about our low-cost multi-impact solutions here.)

Two, much of the plastic packaging and other plastics littering Southeast Asia are from products or plastic plants of companies from the US, Canada, Japan and those of Europe.

*(Learn how and how you can help us get them to help here.)

Three, plastic pollution is connected to many of the world’s other massive problems: from the continued rise of many types of cancer, diseases like obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimers, and many reproductive problems and infertility, to ocean acidification, atmospheric warming, superstorms and the consequential unemployment, poverty, displacement, unrest and war.

(Learn how here.)

Bayani Hockey helps kids connect these dots. Because when they do, they burn to help.

We’ve seen what they can do. The rising generation. And it’s amazing. (See how here.)

They’re our inspiration. And dedication …

Bayanis in the making. The heroes of tomorrow that the whole world needs today.

(Learn how you can help here. Learn more about our team here

Bayanihan is the heart of the Philippines and the game of hockey

Bayani Hockey is a non-profit street hockey program about positive impact, many fold:

On the surface we’re a youth sports program about fun, fitness and introducing a new and a legendary sport to the Philippines and Southeast Asia

We’re about protecting them, as sports do, from temptations and risks of drugs, the consequent crime, and risks of teen pregnancy. empowering them through lessons inherent in playing hockey: teamwork & selflessness, virtues that are at the core of the ancient Filipino tradition of Bayanihan, coming together for the common good

We’re also cleaning the environment of a major pollutant: plastic waste, which we will make into hockey sticks, and changing the mindset of children, their families, communities and schools about plastic waste to safeguard their future. And we’re making the machines to process this waste largely from salvaged junkyard material

Doing all this — running the program, managing the waste, making the machines to process the trash and make the sticks and making the sticks, we’re creating jobs, particularly for the poor and unemployed


David Kullman has been a hockey player, coach, and entrepreneur across the world.  He is the founder of Live2Give and creator of Bayani Hockey. David started playing the game when he was a kid in New York. Ever since, it’s been one of his life’s greatest gifts. Another was living in Asia for many years, particularly the Philippines, where he found in the people the selflessness at the heart of hockey. David could not feel more blessed in his life and has dedicated it to giving back and creating positive impact.


Live2Give International is a non-profit corporation founded in New York. Live2Give has been creating philanthropic programs focused on multi-dimensional positive impact and connecting people of developing and developed nations who want to make a difference in the world.


Short answer and only answer: like hockey players everywhere, wherever we can. In the Philippines that’s usually local basketball courts. They’re usually concrete and perfect to play on. No one really knows how many there are here. They’re everywhere, probably as many as a half a million of them all across the country, ready-made arenas of sorts waiting for more sports fun like Bayani Hockey. And alleys, streets, parks and parking lots, too.


The arresting beauty, beginning and ending with her people, who despite getting a regular beating by Mother Nature, and despite having borne half a millennium of subjugation by invaders from afar, somehow face life with inspiring, undying joy, faith and resilience — a people who quietly serve the world in so many ways doing things few of us want to do — a people who have one word for what sets their nation apart: bayanihan — uniting in service to others. This is the heart of both the humble nation of many unsung heroes & the legendary sport of hockey.

Why we're based in Davao

Mindanao has too much promise to remain the Land of Promise. Locals are totally unanimous in believing the island has long been neglected and very misunderstood, maybe most by their long time rulers, what they call the oligarchy of Imperial Manila. We stay out of politics, but it’s hard not to agree. Even for Filipinos, if they come here, they come with fear, expecting a backward undeveloped war zone. One, Manila has dangers of its own. So do New York, Paris, London — most all major cities, where lethal violence can erupt any time in public places, even elementary schools. Kids are safe in schools here. Two, Mindanao has better roads and the safest city in the Philippines and one of the safest in the world, Davao. Grandmas and little girls alike walk alone after dark without fear. Cabbies give you exact change. People smile and love to laugh. If you’re a foreigner, expect many to wave excitedly and say hello, especially the kids.

Mindanao is also home to some of the richest natural beauty and amazing people anywhere. There is incredible opportunity for impact here and such great heart. So many people still live by the ancient island ethos of bayanihan, coming together selflessly for the common good. They live with great faith and hope, joyfulness and gratitude for life.


We’ve been developing what could well be the lowest-cost and most energy-efficient & fun plastic recycling plant in the world. And just as cool, they’re portable so we can take them to schools and community centers. They fit in small vans or pick-up trucks, and even on small wooden bangka boats that can take them to islands suffering toxic plastic trash across the country.

As to their design, a big thanks to Dave Hakkens. As a grad student in Holland, he confronted the problem of plastic pollution and wondered why so little was recycled. He visited plastic manufacturers and found out why: their machines are expensive and using recycled material risks damaging them, risking not only costly repairs, but the cost of lost production. In his travels to developing nations, he also saw massive plastic pollution. He started to design low cost machines. We’ve adapted his machines to be able to make them without expensive machinery, imported parts, and also tried to make them manually powered where possible. We’re also designing bigger machines to recycle greater volumes of plastic waste and make more sticks faster, because everywhere we go, kids want to play. And trash is everywhere.


Building materials for low-cost housing


 multi-purpose sports facilities/community centers/ natural disaster shelters

The arena will be about one and a half times as large as a typical covered barangay or village municipal basketball court in the Philippines

  Local programs can provide a kid lunch for 15 pesos. In US dollars, that’s less than a quarter. And the difference
between attending school or dropping out. And that the difference between poverty and a productive, healthy life.

please connect with us & help spread word

Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York.