Fight Toxic Pollution, Climate Chaos,
Poverty and Disease through Hockey

We believe in the rising generation
——that they can be heroes ——
as can everyone who helps them.

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The Magic Works in Many Ways

We turn trash into treasure, give boys and girls the game of hockey,
empower communities with knowledge about the dangers of pollution,
inspire action & mobilize change, protecting kids & people everywhere.


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Hockey in the Philippines?! Everywhere we go, kids love to play, girls as much as
boys. And anywhere we go, we can: there are concrete public basketball courts
across the country. We started at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Bulacan.


The overwhelming majority of people we encounter, young or not,
don’t see plastic pollution as either a health or environmental threat.

We’ve learned educating children is the key. When they learn, they care.
A new, fun sport, Bayani Hockey is an ideal platform for crucial dialogue.

We’re developing a series of short videos called Connect the Dots
to help people understand the many grave dangers of toxic chemicals.

Plastic pollution in Asia is the worst in the world & growing really fast. It threatens everybody everywhere no matter where you live, poisoning the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. The biggest challenge is raising awareness. We’re focusing on educating children.
A lot of Asia’s trash winds up burned in open fires,
releasing incapacitating & cancer-causing chemicals.
Air pollution & plastic fumes from Asia can reach
North America in as little as four days, Japan one.
Much also winds up in the ocean.

And eaten across the world.

It releases & sponges thousands of toxins,
creating entirely new compounds as they do,
even endangering microscopic organisms that provide
half the oxygen upon which all life on Earth depends.

When kids here learn the dangers, they want to help. Right away.


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In the hit song The Philippine Dream by Q-York,
nominated for an Awit Award, the Filipino Grammy.
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On Biyaheng DU30, produced by Filipino network GMA &
the government of Davao City under Mayor Sara Duterte.


Let’s be honest: change is hard. Not everyone will bike to work,
go vegan, wear hemp, be zero waste or even sail instead of fly.

But there are many ways you can make a meaningful difference,
whatever your age, wherever you live, however busy you may be.

Introducing Bayani Offsets, a multi-dimensional impact program. We offer a rich variety of low-cost, exciting options. For example:
You can start a school or community street hockey program with as few as a dozen
sticks, all made of mixed soft plastic waste that has less than a 1% recycling rate.
In the process, offset your plastic use and overall carbon and chemical footprints.


Want to be bayani, a hero, in ways big or small? Spread word on social media.
Donate. Volunteer or intern, online or overseas. Host a fun fundraising game.
Start a community clean-up. Sponsor a child or a school program. Fund low-cost
recycling machines. Mentor. — We’re building a global movement. Join the team!


We are grateful for the generous help of so many wonderful people and organizations.
Partnerships are core to 21st Century progress. So is local expertise, trust & integrity.
One of our great joys is connecting people with opportunity & learning along the way.
We invite you to learn about our partnerships here & explore partnering with us today.

Please connect with us & help spread word.

Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York, USA.