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We have the great honor and privilege of introducing an
incredible sport to a nation of 40 million kids under 16.
We are thrilled, grateful and humbled by this blessing.

Hockey in the Philippines?! Everywhere we go, kids love to play, girls as much as
boys. And anywhere we go, we can: there are concrete public basketball courts
across the country. We started at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Bulacan.

Antonio Meloto, winner of Asia’s Nobel Prize, the Magsaysay Award, for his historic work
founding Gawad Kalinga, invited us to grow Bayani Hockey in the 3500 plus communities
the organization has built together with the poorest Filipinos, freeing them from destitution.

Tito Tony, or Uncle Tony, as he is called, is an inspiration and bar-setter. He did not know
hockey before us but would see its potential to teach what he believes children need to
learn most: leadership, particularly in a nation with so many challenges and such promise.
There are about a million children in Gawad Kalinga communities, a blessing to the world.

Humanity's greatest threat?

The overwhelming majority of people we encounter, young or not, do
not see plastic pollution as either a health or an environmental threat.

We’re developing a series of short videos called Connect the Dots to
help people understand the many grave dangers of plastic pollution..

We’ve learned educating children is the key. When they learn, they act.
A new, fun sport, Bayani Hockey is an ideal platform for vital dialogue.

bayani hockey in the Media

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In the hit song The Philippine Dream by Q-York,
nominated for an Awit Award, the Philippines’ Grammy.

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On Biyaheng DO30, produced by Filipino network GMA
and the government of Davao City under Mayor Sara Duterte.


You can start a school or community street hockey program
with as few as a dozen sticks, all made of mixed plastic waste
that has less than a 1% recycling rate. In the process, you’ll
offset both your plastic use & your overall carbon footprint.


Want to be bayani, a hero, in ways big or small? Whether spreading word on social media, donating,
volunteering or interning with us online or in the Philippines, hosting a fun fundraising game in your
hometown, joining a community clean-up, sponsoring a school program here, or funding low-cost
plastic recycling machines … we’re burning to build a movement. We’d love you to join the team!

Please connect with us & help spread word.

Bayani Hockey is a youth street hockey, environmental clean-up & poverty alleviation program
created & managed by Live2Give International, a non-profit corporation based in New York, USA.